The Swim Reaper Tells You to Respect the Water

We all have a black sheep in our family and so does the Grim Reaper. Yes, it might sound weird and bizarre, but just stick with us and we will explain to you why there is such a thing as the ‘Swim Reaper!’ 

The ‘Swim Reaper,‘ just like the Grim Reaper, is not real, but it’s a concept invented for a reason. He was invented by the government of New Zealand in order to send a strong safety message.  

In his own words the message is – ‘If you do something stupid in the water, I’ll be there,’ meaning that you must be careful and cautious when going for a swim.  

In order to make it less creepy, the government made his Instagram account smart, witty, and funny. He is still part of the Reaper family so he is into absurdity, death, and so on, but he also wants to protect you. In his posts, he is everywhere around you when you are near water, on the beach, in the bar, deep in the waters, and on the water slide.  

Follow the Swim Reaper Instagram account so you will never forget to be careful on your next vacation.