Indian Artist Creates Beautiful Moss Art

Growing up in India, a country filled with natural beauties, designer and artist Nupur Dasgupta developed a special appreciation for natural materials and their use in making art. Her fascination with nature followed her later in life and inspired her to start creating beautiful moss art.

Moss art is a way to bring a bit of the outdoors to your home. It’s made out of moss, or small flowerless plants known for durability. They don’t need much maintenance and can remain intact for years, making them perfect for living artwork.

Dasgupta, who is now based in the UK, creates a wide range of art using moss. This includes moss walls, moss lamps, and even terrariums. Most of her artwork contains some fantasy elements thanks to her fascination with Disney movies.

“When I was a little girl, I obsessed with Disney movies,” Dasgupta shared on her website. “I loved the idea of [a] princess and her prince charming, Fairies, Fantasy, Magic, wicked witch, true love kiss, and live happily ever after. I couldn’t wait to grow up and feel the magic of true love!”

Dasgupta, who also creates resin art and miniatures in her free time, regularly shares her newest artworks on Instagram. Check out more of them below.