Digital Sculptures Inspired By Greek and Roman Mythology

Greek and Roman mythology have been an important source of inspiration for artists through the ages. This continues to be the case even today, as the recent project by Macedonian digital artist Oliver Marinkoski shows.

Marinkoski created a series of impressive digital Roman-style sculptures that are inspired by various ancient deities like Zeus and Saturn and mythological creatures like Sphinx, Cerberus, and Medusa. His artworks are unique in their representation, showing these mythical gods and creatures in an unusual and often unsettling form while incorporating the embodiment of their supernatural abilities.

While working on the project, Marinkoski realized that he could do some impressive works by including other subjects that are not mythology-based. This prompted him to create a sculpture of boxer Mike Tyson that proved to be quite popular among his social media followers.

“The ideas for my work tend to come on their own, when I’m just relaxed, surfing the web, and not trying too hard to think of something creative,” Marinkoski said about his creative process. “I think the best way to get good ideas is to take abstinence of visual sufficiency for some time and then look at some great art.”

You can check out more of his digital sculptures below.