Jack Nolan Works 10 Months a Year on a Cruise Ship and Loves It

Working on a cruise ship doesn’t sound appealing to many people. But TikToker Jack Nolan aka @jackcruisesaround, who works as a musician at cruise line Virgin Voyages, loves it.

Nolan works 10 months a year on a cruise ship and documents his cruise ship life on social media. He recently shared a video, which went viral, in which she explained why his career choice is so great, and his points make a lot of sense.

According to Nolan, working on a cruise ship allows him to travel all around the world and see amazing destinations while getting paid for it. He is also able to save a lot of money because his rent, food, and even flights are covered. Lastly, he gets to meet people from all over the world and get to know other cultures.

Nolan’s TikTok profile contains all sorts of cruise ship-related content. He shares some of his everyday adventures, gets people familiar with how things work on cruise ships, and gives advice to those considering a similar career path.

It is safe to say that Nolan’s clips really put the life of cruise ships in a different perspective. Continue scrolling to check out more of them and perhaps get inspired to work on a cruise ship yourself.