Japanese Girl Makes Fairy Dresses Made of Flowers and Leafs

There are few things more rewarding than cultivating a green thumb and watching your hard work come to life in the form of blooming flowers and flourishing plants. For a 20-year-old Japanese artist, gardening has become a true passion, one that brings her joy and a sense of accomplishment daily.

Meet Momotsuki, the creator of Fairy’s Dress, who makes fairy dresses using flowers and leaves. It all started back in April 2021 while she was recovering from depression. While she was walking in the garden, she saw a flower and came up with the idea to make a fairy dress.

“I have been gardening for about 14 years since I was a child, and over time I have gradually increased the number of plants. I’ve always admired the fantasy world, and when I saw the existence of fairies, I thought, ‘this, for some reason, makes me emotional.’”

After creating the dresses, Momotsuki snapped a picture and posted the images on Twitter. The images went viral, receiving more than 180,000 likes.

Dresses made of roses, ivy, periwinkle, and hydrangea are some of the dozen of creations you can see on her Instagram account.