Yumi Okita is Celebrating Mother Nature Through Her Fiber Art

Fiber can be transformed into all sorts of amazing things that never crossed your mind—including insect and botanical sculptures. Yumi Okita is one of the fiber artists who managed to make a name for themselves in the world of textile art by crafting sculptures inspired by Mother Nature.

Okita is a Japanese-born artist based in North Carolina, who uses everything from hand-painted fabric and embroidery thread to feathers and faux fur to bring her works to life. Her main goal is to capture the realism of nature and manipulate it into the world of imagination.

Okita’s fiber sculptures usually take the shape of moths and butterflies, between 3.5 and 4.5 inches tall. She tries to emulate real specimens, using multiple layers of fabric and embroidery to give their wings, body, legs, and antennae some accuracy and realism. She enjoys taking creative liberties from time to time, but her works are usually as lifelike as the fabrics allow them to be.

Okita became a true sensation thanks to her insect-inspired fiber art, but her creations now go far beyond that. She also enjoys experimenting with botanical fiber sculptures, which often require more skill and attention to detail than insect sculptures that put her on the map.