Robyn Rich’s Paintings Have Their Eyes On You

As part of her series Optics, Australian artist Robyn Rich is repurposing vintage and discarded objects with a unique twist. She transforms them into miniature paintings featuring just one subject; the human eye.

Rich’s works are part impressive and part disturbing. As a viewer, you have a feeling that the eye is staring directly at you. But you just can’t stop staring back and admiring the subtle details that make the work so realistic.

“These pieces are inspired by the intriguing history of Georgian eye miniatures or ‘Lover’s Eyes’, brought to life in a contemporary way,” the artist explains on her website.

According to Rich, she prefers to paint on objects that are “taken for granted, overlooked, and forgotten,” including old spoons, tins, and pendants. This allows for the art itself to be the main focus of the work.

Despite painting hundreds and maybe thousands of eyes, not one eye is the same. Rich manages to keep her works diverse by searching for inspiration from her friends, family, and strangers she encounters on the street. She also uses old portraits and photos to find the eyes she wants to capture in her miniature paintings.

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