Mel Hwang Will Teach You How to Pose in Your Best Photos Ever

You know that feeling when you’re in the right place at the right time, with perfect makeup and outfit, but still can’t get a single nice photo? If you’re struggling to look photogenic in your pictures, Mel Hwang’s viral videos will help you take your posing skills to the next level.

Hwang is the mastermind behind the lifestyle brand Mel Inspired, and she specializes in everything from beauty and style to travel. The main mission of her blog is to show people how to “constantly chase what inspires you, always pursue your creativity, and never apologize for who you are.”

That’s why her content is extremely versatile, but Hwang’s Instagram page now mostly consists of videos where she’s giving us amazing posing advice. Hwang is the perfect person for the job because she used to work as a model during her teenage years, flying out to New York and Miami from her hometown of Toronto, but decided to quit once she hit puberty, saying “[her] body stopped reflecting the image that the industry wanted.”

Hwang is now helping other women pose confidently and make the best of the clothes they’re wearing in every photo. She’s also often sharing posing ideas for couples alongside her fiance Dave Pereira.