One Ocean Away: Patricia & Michael Are Traveling the World Together After Meeting at a Carnival

One of the best parts of traveling is meeting many amazing people along the way—and one of them might just end up being your soulmate. That’s exactly what happened to Patricia and Michael, the masterminds behind travel blog One Ocean Away, who embarked on many epic journeys together after having a fun meet-cute at a carnival.

Patricia was visiting friends in Cologne, Spain during carnival and she picked a pretty interesting outfit for her last night in the city. She wore a Lady Gaga-inspired fit, which featured a pink tutu skirt, and ended up running into a guy with a skirt just like hers.

His name was Michael and they had such an instant connection that he booked a ticket to visit her in Barcelona just three days later. They got married on the coast of Spain, dancing to the beat of “Oceans Aways”, and later decided to name their blog after this song.

The couple went on to live in five different countries: Spain, Sweden, Australia, Germany, and Singapore – and explored many more along the way. They’re sharing their adventure with the world, in the hope that they’ll inspire others to hit the road.

“Travelling makes us feel alive and meeting new people & cultures inspires our life on a daily basis. Together, we want to inspire and motivate people from all around the globe to travel and discover new places as well as new cultures,” the duo explains on their official website.