Joao Charrua Folds Single Pieces of Paper into Intriguing Paper Sculptures

Joao Charrua is a Portuguese origami artist who has a unique approach to his craft. He wants to add a new dimension to paper art by producing pieces that are unlike anything his audience has seen before.

While most paper artists prefer to take their inspiration from the animal world or pop culture, Charrua turns to the surreal. His paper sculptures are imaginative, daring, and thought-provoking. And most impressive of all, they are crafted from a single piece of paper.

Charrua’s creative process exemplifies his strive for unique, different, and unseen. The artist does extensive preparation to translate things from his imagination to paper via 3D sketches. These test paper sculptures allow him to visualize the features he wants to achieve and give his folding practice a more natural flow when he starts with the final piece.

“My paper sculptures are a journey through the places of my imagination,” the artist shares. “They are a physical translation of the ideas that inhabit my mind and come from the most different universes with the most diverse influences.”

Charrua frequently shares his new paper sculptures on Instagram, where he has almost 22K followers. Continue scrolling to check out more of his exceptional works.