Lennon the Bunny Will Make You Want to Adopt Your Own Rabbit

Bunnies are truly adorable creatures, but have you ever considered having one as a pet? Lorelei Carlson, the founder of Lennon the Bunny is committed to spreading valuable rabbit advice online, in the hope she’ll inspire other people to welcome these fluffy animals into their homes.

Carlson fell in love with rabbits when she impulsively purchased one at a hole-in-wall pet store in Hollywood. She quickly learned that taking care of a bunny isn’t such an easy task, especially since there wasn’t a lot of useful content online that she could turn to for advice.

She decided to do something about it and started making videos about her life with her bunny Lennon. People kept asking for more videos, but her YouTube channel was just a side project for Carlson while she was attending UCLA.

She was finally able to dedicate more time to her social media pages after graduating in 2017, and she’s now hoping her videos will help people see bunnies in a new light.

“My goal is to ultimately normalize the imagery of rabbits as intelligent and loving creatures while promoting adoption and free roaming. If I can prevent one bunny from being dumped at the shelter because someone watched one of my videos and felt inspired, then I feel I’ve done my job for the day,” she told Voyage LA.