Hannah Teslin is Introducing Us to Hidden Gems Around Europe

When Hannah Teslin moved from Canada to Germany about a decade ago, she had no idea she’ll stick around for that long. She explored many different cultures and explore countless hidden gems during that time, and she’s now helping other travelers do the same.

Teslin moved from Canada to Hamburg, Germany in 2014, after finishing her degree in Tourism and Event Management. She admits that she moved across the pond for love, but that wasn’t the reason why she stayed.

“Even though the relationship didn’t work out – my love of Germany is what made me stay. I can now say, I have made tons of opportunities for myself and I don’t regret a single minute. Now my focus is inspiring others on their journeys in Germany or abroad,” she explained on her official website.

Teslin built quite a following since she started posting about her adventures from Germany, often making fun of the cultural differences between Canada and her new European home.

She also enjoys introducing her followers to the best-hidden secrets of Hamburg, but her travel content covers many other European countries. After living here for almost 10 years, London and Paris are no longer her thing, and she enjoys introducing her followers to hidden gems that deserve more love and attention.