Meet Pixie, The Fluffy White Potato Cat

There’s nothing quite like a pet to nourish your soul day in and day out. Not all people are pet people, but those who get it, get it. If you’re one of those who truly gets what it means to have a pet that you love deeply and connect to on a daily basis, perhaps Pixie will resonate with you.

This fluffy white cat named Pixie, who’s known on her Instagram page as a “fluffy white potato”, is full of personality and charm. She lives in Montreal, Canada, she was born on April 1st, 2020, and according to her owner is a “half Blue Russian, half Persian”. If you’re someone who sets a lot of store by different cat breeds, this may mean more to you than others, but if you ask us she’s adorable any way you slice it.

Perhaps let’s address the elephant in the room—or, shall we say, the potato. It’s unclear to us why Pixie’s owner wanted to brand her as a fluffy white potato, but we’re loving the decision anyway. We wouldn’t say she resembles a spud per se, but heck, every animal needs a good nickname so why not?

In any case, Pixie doesn’t hold back when it comes to delivering great content, often dressing up in all kinds of outfits and posing for the camera in various ways. If you’re enjoying Pixie’s posts, give her a follow!