Petals Bakehouse’s Cupcakes Look Just Like Real Flowers

If you love flowers and sweet treats in equal measure, Petals Bakehouse is about to become your next big obsession. Its founder Alice Jane possesses a special gift for turning cupcakes into exquisite floral masterpieces, that look just like real flowers.

Jane is a self-taught cupcake maker based in Somerset, UK, and her Instagram page is followed by over 90,000 people. Baking has always been her favorite hobby, and she decided to start selling cakes in 2016 after her family and friends encouraged her to give it a shot.

Her skills significantly evolved in the meantime, especially after she discovered her love for creating edible flowers out of buttercream. She enjoyed seeing how much joy they brought to her customers and eventually decided to do it full-time.

“I found I enjoyed piping buttercream flowers more than anything else so this time last year I took the plunge and re-branded and now I spend my days creating these pretty floral creations for all occasions,” she explained on Instagram.

Jane’s love for baking and nature intertwine harmoniously in her work, and each of her creations is more mesmerizing than the last. Her cupcakes replicate the delicate petals, vibrant colors, and intricate textures found in nature’s own garden and they’re true edible works of art.