Kate Strzinek’s Miniature Creations Will Delight You

For most kids, dolls and figurines provide a way of channeling their thoughts, feelings, and creativity into make-believe settings. But for some, dolls provide other creative outlets. Miniature artist Kate Strzinek remembers enjoying the interior design of her dollhouse as much, if not more than the actual playing.

“When I was 7 years old, my dad built me a dollhouse,” she shared with The Daily Mini, “and what I remember most about it was playing with the interior design, rather than any make-believe!”. Little did she know that her early passion would evolve into successful careers in interior design and fashion, only to come back, 20 years later to the very begining.

She now shares her passion for all things miniature through her buzzing Instagram page (with 60k followers to date). Those include anything from tiny wine bottles to whole bookshelves. “Working in 1:12 scale is an exciting challenge,” admits Strzinek. It also makes for a playful Instagram account! Take a peek: