Steve Scott’s Illustrations Explore Modern Day Living

Acclaimed illustrator and animation director, Steve Scott, has worked with brands as big as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, and Volvo, as well as legendary rock band, Led Zeppelin, which makes him the unofficial cool kid on the block. On top of a growing fanbase on Instagram, Scott has also been featured in the New York Guggenheim Museum and the Pictoplasma Festival in Berlin; with his work nominated for awards at the British Arrows for Animation, the UK Music Video Awards, and the Render Yard International Film Festival.

But when it comes to career advice, Scott admits he sort of goes with his gut feeling. “I don’t know if there’s a rigid approach to having a creative career,” he told Thunder Chunky. “For me it’s about feeling my way through this, responding to what life is throwing at me.”

With an early fascination with all things creative, Scott hadn’t been formally trained in illustration, but found his way into it somewhat intuitively. “When I was a kid I wanted to write James Bond novels,” he recalled, “later it was to become a comic artist. In my 20s I wanted to make music and then I accidentally fell into animation while making a music video for my band.”

We’re glad he stumbled into it…

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