Knit-O-Mania – Accessories Knitted From Nylon Bags That Could Save Our Earth

Knit-O-Mania is a project started by a young man from Serbia in a mission to save the planet from plastic pollution. Since the beginning of the project, this team has reused over 7500 plastic bags, which if put together would stretch to about five kilometers.

The idea is based on a symbiosis between social and ecological aspects because the plan of this project is also to include older people in it, so they can earn some extra money and help clean up our environment from plastic.   

Milos Todorovic and his grandma are the people behind this project. He is an anthropology student, and with some help from his skillful grandma, they are doing “creative recycling”. They are taking objects which would end up somewhere on the landfill or in nature, and they are giving them a new function. His grandma is a very skilled knitter, a traditional craft in the country. She learned it from her mother and she says that she uses plastic bags to knit because she wants people to understand the importance of saving nature. This project is important for both nature and society because it raises ecological awareness among people and brings improvements to the position of older people too!  

In the pictures below, check out Kint-O-Mania’s amazing products!