Sweet Potato Soul Makes Mouthwatering Vegan Creations

Georgia Peach from Los Angeles is the name behind these magnificent and healthy food creations that will blow your mind. The Internet knows her as Sweet Potato Soul, and she came up with that name because of her insatiable love of sweet potatoes. Peach also loves to travel, she likes animals and of course – cooking – but not cooking with animals! Her website is full of cooking tips, and easy-to-make recipes as well as healthy eating tips. So, if you’re looking for a new diet but you want it to be fun, tasty and creative, this food artist’s website and social media pages are the right places for you! 

Peach decided to become a vegan for moral reasons above all, and ever since then she noticed how her life path changed in positive directions. She became friends with so many positive people who share the same passion for vegan cooking and a healthy lifestyle, and her health is much better too! From better digestion to clearer skin and improved psychological well-being, she experienced a period of rebirth which felt wonderful. 

Peach loved food since the day she was born and playing with edible materials in the kitchen was her favorite game during childhood. It’s amazing that this childhood passion became her job, isn’t it? Check out pictures below for some tips and recipes!