This Fashion Blogger Proves That Fashion Is For Any Size

Not so long ago, fashion was considered a skinny-person business. The catwalks and magazine covers were filled with super-slim models, actresses had their diet and size monitored by paparazzi and gossip columnists, and designers made clothes for sizes 0 through 10 at best. And then came Nicolette Mason.

Mason is just one of a series of plus size fashion bloggers who have revolutionized the fashion industry by simply refusing to fit into its rigid beauty standard. Born in Los Angeles in the eighties, Nicolette grew up in a time when being skinny equaled beauty. As a bigger girl, she was taught that she didn’t belong in the fashion world.

But that didn’t stop her. She got her degree in fashion from Parsons School of Design and then started her blog while looking for her first grown-up job. That blog exploded, gaining a massive following from all around the world and launching Nicolette into stardom.

Nicolette has become one of the most recognizable figures not only in plus-size fashion, but in fashion in general. She’s written for top fashion magazines, worked with fashion brands and launched her consulting business, all thanks to her unwillingness to listen to naysayers. Today, Nicolette is an inspiration for women and girls everywhere – proving that style and fashion have nothing to do with size.

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Boss talk ahead: One of the shadow sides of business is that entrepreneurship can feel like a tremendously isolating experience. As much of a blessing and a privilege as it is to be among the “firsts” in a field, it can also feel totally overwhelming to hear “no” over and over and stay motivated to keep pushing forward. I feel lucky to have an incredible business partner (seriously, some days I think if it weren’t for having each other, we would have quit before we started) and a growing community of founders and entrepreneurs around me, but I still definitely have days where I go through a series of existential crises and question everything. Turns out, the questioning is actually part of an entrepreneurs growth process, in and of itself, and that it’s FAR from an isolated experience. @mailchimp’s new podcast Going Through It features stories from people like Samin Nosrat, Hillary Clinton, and Soledad O’Brien on a pivotal breakthrough moment in their lives. The first episode I listened to featured my friend and fat, queer, body-positive yogi @mynameisjessamyn, and it actually brought me to tears listening to her words echoing my own experiences. I’m starting this work week with a piece of wisdom care of Samin: “Say yes to no — if you say yes to everything, then you can’t focus on anything.” AMEN. 📸 @lydiahudgensphoto #MailchimpxRefinery29 #ad

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