These Cats Wearing Hats Made of Their Own Fur Are Just Too Adorable!

Cats are probably the most worshipped animals on the Internet because they are so cute in any context. Grumpy or happy, furry or bald, cats are definitely one of our favorite animals.  

We often like seeing them in human-like situations, such as – dressed up! This couple from Japan runs an Instagram account which is filled with photos of their adorable kittens wearing the most hilarious nappy hats designed just for them and made from their shed fur! Over the years, the couple has been improving their designs, and if you visit their Instagram page, you’ll see how they progressed from simple pointy hats to more complex caps and wigs.  

From Trump’s toupee to tiny ducks, Ryo and Hiromi Yamazaki are turning their hobby into serious cat-fashion! Their team of models consists of three chubby cats in black, grey and ginger colors. Yamazaki’s work can be found on Instagram under the handle @rojiman. As their designs have improved, the number of followers grew, so today 116K people from all around the world follow their posts on Instagram, and Ryo and Yamazaki even run a website dedicated to their beloved cats.