Michel Obi Traded In Her Day Job To Start a Fashion Blog – And Made It Big!

Many of us fantasize about leaving our boring day job and turning our hobby into a new career, but we mostly stick to the safer, easier path. Michele Obi (now Michele Elliston) didn’t just dream – she left her accounting job to set up her own online fashion magazine. And the funny thing is, it all happened by chance.

Obi was introduced to blogging by a friend back in 2003, when it was still a fresh new medium, and before the rise of social media. Soon, her little fashion-oriented diary became so popular that she could leave her day job to become a full-time fashion blogger.

Today her site, My Fashion Life, is more of an e-magazine than a blog. She updates her readers not only on the latest designer or street fashion, but also about food, travel, health and beauty. In short, it’s a full-on lifestyle brand.

And she didn’t stop there. On top of writing, she also collaborates with fashion brands and designers to bring the absolute best fashion and design to her readers. Her modern, chic style and incredible writing has gained her a small yet loyal following both on her site and across social media, making the former accountant into a significant influencer in the online fashion world. And to think that all of that started with a humble blog!