Korean Artist Turns Everyday Items Into Anime Characters

Rino Tuna is the self-given pseudonym for this Korean concept artist, game art director, and illustrator, who’s best known for reimagining everyday items and animals as anime characters.

This person’s work is so remarkable that they’ve gained over 800,000 followers on Instagram. The Korean artist uses items and turns them into anime characters—food, plants, animals, volcanos, and more have been all transformed into characters you would love to see on your screen.

It’s fascinating how the artist uses the tiniest details to make their character stand out. In the gallery below, you can see both girls and boys created as inspiration from everyday objects. They’re done so perfectly, with daily character movements and posture design.

For example, a sea urchin inspired the illustrator to depict an Irish-looking goth-girl carrying a bagpipe. A pumpkin was turned into our childhood’s biggest nightmare, Frankenstein in modern clothing. A bad boy full of tattoos was made as an inspiration to king cobra, and the list goes on.

If you’re interested to see Rino Tuna’s work, check out the gallery below. Which character is your favorite? Can you even pick one? Tell us in the comments below.