British Food Artist is Creating Cupcakes That Look Just Like Real Flowers

Many food artists found viral fame by creating life-like desserts, but no one is doing it in the way that Kerry’s Bouqcakes does. The British food artist behind this Instagram page became a true sensation thanks to her picture-perfect cupcakes that look just like real flowers.

Kerry’s Bouqcakes was founded by Kerry Roberts, who was always an avid baker, but it took some time before she turned her passion into a small business. After giving birth to her two children, she started baking more regularly. After a friend suggested that she make it a full-time job, the idea for Kerry’s Bouqcakes was born.

On her official website, Roberts explains that she loves to “bake fresh, preservative-free cupcakes that [she] would be happy to give to [her] own children and then transform them into floral masterpieces.” She’s been doing this for so long that she even has her favorite buttercream flowers—she’s a huge fan of roses and also enjoys working with pastels, pinks, and peaches.

In addition to creating some of the most stunning floral cupcakes that you’ll ever see, Roberts is committed to teaching others to do the same. She offers online tutorials and workshops to everyone who wants to learn the secrets of her craft.