Lauren Rundquist Creates Tarot Cards Using Porcelain and Gold

When we think of tarot cards, we usually picture a dusty old deck with impressive but somewhat scary artwork. But the ones ceramic artist Lauren Rundquist creates are nothing like this.

Rundquist, who works out of her Istanbul studio, recently presented an unusual series of tarot cards completely made out of porcelain and gold. In this unique series, the artist gave her own spin on several Major Arcana (trump cards): XIX The Sun, XVIII The Moon, XIX The Star, XXI The World, The Magician, The Fool, and The Lover.

“The meaning these symbols hold has changed across time and cultures and surely will continue to do so,” Rundquist says about the trump cards. “My tarot cards will always hold the positive intention with which I make everyone. May they bring joy, clarity, or simply just a bit of curiosity and wonder!”

Each piece is characterized by minimalistic artwork that is etched into a card-shaped porcelain tray and then covered in pure dust. As a finishing act, Rundquist uses Mother of Pearl Luster technique to give each card pleasing opalescent colors.

According to Rundquist, the process of making porcelain tarot cards is complicated and often can take several weeks from start to finish. Most times some of the pieces don’t make it to the end, but that makes her appreciate more the ones that do.

Check out her works below.