Watch a Sri Lankan Man Save Sea Turtles From Suffering

Image via CHIKA BOY/YouTube

Barnacles are sticky crustaceans with the ability to attach themselves to many hard surfaces. Usually it’s rocks and ships, but sometimes they stick to sea turtles—more specifically, their shells. While a single barnacle won’t do any damage to a turtle, too many of them can cause problems. The video below shows a man from Sri Lanka helping the sea turtles by removing the barnacles from their shells.

An Amazing Feat

On Youtube, he goes by the name Chika Boy. One of his recent videos shows a turtle covered in many barnacles. It doesn’t look like the turtle is particularly bothered by them, but these little creatures can cause infection and make the turtle’s life more difficult.

“The overloading of barnacles will prevent the turtle from moving and swimming properly,” the guy explains. “Then the turtle will become slower than usual because of increased weight on the turtle’s shell, it will find it difficult to search for food. Also, if the barnacles are attached near the turtle’s eyes, its vision will get impacted. Barnacles attached near the mouth of the turtle are also harmful. The turtle will not be able to eat properly due to excessive barnacles.”

He removes the barnacles using a knife, which is not easy work. In the end, all the barnacles are removed and the turtle is brought back to the beach and into the ocean.