Check Out Dreamy Landscapes by Anastasia Trusova

Young artist Anastasia Trusova was born in Russia where she took painting lessons as a child. She looks back to her childhood with nostalgia, saying that they didn’t have a lot but they were always playing in nature outside, which is why her art is influenced by nature. Today, she creates beautiful landscape paintings and has over 150,000 Instagram followers who appreciate her work.

“I have a very special relationship with trees. These protect us against rain or sun, they change constantly and none is like the other,” she writes on her website. She adds that she doesn’t think about the rules when she paints, but paints as she feels. She enjoys highlighting details and adding perspective to her paintings.

Trusova often chooses bold and bright colors which add to the charm of her art. She studied the physics of color and knows how to combine different shades to create the desired effect.

The artist lives and works in Belgium. You can check out more of her work on Instagram, and buy prints and original paintings on her website. Enjoy her landscapes on your Instagram feed or get yourself a print and hang it on your wall—they’ll look great in any room!