Katrin Vates Embroiders Gorgeous Landscapes

Embroidery is a creative art form and many artists are exploring it these days. Using thread to create art is more versatile than it seems. We see more different ways people use it every day, and recently we noticed the embroidery work of Katrin Vates.

The artist uses bleached canvas as a starting point. She uses thread in natural colors to create gorgeous landscapes like scenes of streets in the fall and calming ocean beaches. She’s skilled in recreating scenes from nature using different shades of thread after sketching the design on canvas.

“I work as a graphic designer. I also could call myself an illustrator but in the narrow field of anime. I like drawing anime-style characters. I have never painted landscapes. If somebody had told me that I was going to like embroidering only landscapes, I would not have believed it,” Le Temps De Broder writes about Vates.

If you want to see more of her work, head to Instagram. Vates posts the photos of her work regularly and mentions that she will open an Etsy store soon, so you’ll be able to get her embroideries to decorate your home. Enjoy our selection of her works below.