Lauren Wodnicki Makes Amazing Cakes in Her Home Bakery

Cakes that look pretty are really hard to eat. Sure, they probably taste amazing, but you always have that feeling that it would be such a shame to spoil something that beautiful. This is one of the challenges that people often face when met with cakes made by Lauren Wodnicki.

This Connecticut native is the owner of the cake business Lauren Loves Cake. Wodnicki bakes tasty cakes in her home bakery and then finishes them off with some of the most jaw-dropping decorations.

“My passion is two-fold: baking a delicious cake from scratch and using it as a canvas to create a one-of-a-kind buttercream design,” she explains on her website.

The decorations Wodnicki applies to her cakes are a mix of all sorts of designs. They range from buttercream flowers and plants to intricate patterns and even recreations of famous paintings.

After building Lauren Loves Cake into a successful brand that receives orders from all around the world, Wodnicki recently decided to expand her business. She is now also offering bakery classes where she reveals her tricks for baking and decorating the perfect cake.

Lauren Loves Cake has a strong presence on social media, where Wodnicki regularly shares her newest creations.