Artist Illustrates Famous Characters Dealing With Environmental Issues

Humans have long disregarded their effect on the environment and world we live in for centuries. This is now coming to haunt us, as past and current harmful human activity is resulting in a number of environmental issues and disasters, including climate change, pollution, resource depletion, and environmental degradation.

In recent decades, more people are trying to raise awareness about environmental issues and educate others about the dangers that continued negligence of the environment might bring. They turn to various methods to do so, including politics, activism, and even art.

One of those who decided to use art to send a message about environmental disasters and ecological issues is French illustrator Baptiste Drausin.

Better known as The Baptman on social media, Drausin is a self-taught artist who loves pop culture and DC Comics. Being also really passionate about the environment, he came up with the idea to combine the two in thought-provoking illustrations.

Drausin illustrates famous characters as they deal with an environmental disaster. Each of the characters experiences issues that could plague their imaginary world. For example, Lilo & Stitch are having difficulty enjoying surfing due to plastic pollution in the ocean. On the other hand, Winnie the Pooh is losing weight since honey is hard to come by due to the declining bee population. Check out these and more of Drausin’s illustrations below.