Look At That Face! Tuna the Chiweenie Will Capture Your Heart

There are funny-looking dogs, and then there’s Tuna. A 10-year-old mix between a Chihuahua and a Dachshund, or “Chiweenie” for short, saying Tuna is “funny-looking” is an understatement. Sporting an exaggerated overbite, a recessed jaw, and a marvelously wrinkled neck, you have to be a real sourpuss not to enjoy what this pooch has to offer.

Don’t take it from us. His 2 million followers on Instagram have sworn allegiance to his Derpiness. “If you could use a little bit of joy & laughter, you’ve come to the right place!”, reads his Instagram bio.

“This unconventional-looking dog is being used to bring joy and make people happy,” Tuna’s mother, Courtney Dasher, went on to say in an interview with Vice. Indeed, some followers have gone as far as to tattoo Tuna’s face on their bodies. Others, send in photoshopped images of the dog, showcasing his best angles.

According to Dasher she was actually taken aback by some of the reactions her pup got. “One woman showed up to a book signing who had agoraphobia—she hadn’t left her house in years,” she shared. “This woman got over her fear, just to meet Tuna!”

Tuna also makes the case for “adopt don’t shop”. The strange (albeit lovely) looking dog was adopted by Dasher at a Farmers Market in LA in 2010, when he was but a four-month-old puppy. According to Dasher, she opened his Instagram page a year later, with no real expectation for it to soar the way it has. “I felt like this was my opportunity to make a positive difference in the world, so I took a leap of faith,” says Dasher.

Silly dogs making a positive difference? Sign us up!