Louis Vuitton Celebrates 200th Anniversary With a New Video Game

Louis Vuitton is one of the most famous luxury fashion houses in the world. Its founder, French fashion designer Louis Vuitton, was born in 1821 and would’ve been 200 years old today. To celebrate the anniversary, the brand launched many special projects and events, including a new video game that will have you hooked in no time.

Louis the Game takes you on an adventure where you can discover more about the brand’s history. You lead the main character named Vivienne through a world inspired by big cities like Paris, London, Tokyo, and New York. The goal is to collect candles that unlock different stories and fun facts about Vuitton. You can also collect NFTs throughout the game and dress your character in some of the most iconic pieces designed by the brand over the years.

“Join Vivienne on her adventures as she journeys to six vibrant locations across the globe in search of 200 collectible candles to celebrate our founder Louis Vuitton’s 200th Birthday. Each candle unlocks fascinating stories about the journeys of Louis, his family, and the Maison,” the Google Play store description reads.

You can play it on your Android and iOS phone/ tablet, so go and have fun!