Luke Adam Hawker Illustrates The World To Perfection

Luke Adam Hawker has an incredible ability to just see something on the street—even a majestic, complex building—and replicate it to perfection using just a pen or pencil. An illustrator savant from London, Hawker has garnered an Instagram following of nearly 300,000 people by sharing his incredible creations with the world.

Unlike many modern artists of today who use color to get their point across, Hawker seems mainly interested in using black and white. Without colors to supplement his work, Hawker goes above and beyond in a handful of other ways to get his point across. His acute attention to detail and his professional ability to illustrate realism to perfection are both things that make him a household name.

In many ways, his black and white pieces let loose a vintage feel, which isn’t always easy to pull off. To Hawker’s credit, he pulls it off with flying colors. This was no pun—because although he doesn’t use visible colors, his intangible use of color makes all the difference.