Magical Illustrations Created By Olivia Bürki

Olivia Bürki is a freelance illustrator who loves everything bohemian and spiritual. The Switzerland-based artist likes combining both traditional and digital mediums. As a kid, she used to draw with ink pens and crayons, and paint with acrylics, as well.

“I’ve always been a dreamer, attracted to everything magical and mystical. I love to put all the dreamy, witchy, feminine and kinda vintage vibes into my art. I’m also very interested in spirituality, astrology, and zodiacal signs, so that’s something that influences my work a lot,” the artist shared in an interview for Ballpit and added that alongside mystic she is also inspired by music, as well.

She is currently open for commissions, so if you are interested in her work, check out the gallery below, or take a look at her Instagram account. Bürki doesn’t have a huge following, but we really enjoyed browsing through her feed and we believe that you will enjoy it, too.