Colorful Textile Art Created By Talented Artist Judit Just

Judit Just is a Barcelona-born, North Carolina-based textile artist who specializes in weaving and embroidery. The fashion designer and sculptor learned the craftsmanship from her mother when she was only a little girl. She made her first art piece when she was only 11-years-old. Nowadays, she creates weaves full of color and dream-like patterns.

“With my weaves, I try to seek the pleasure between the relationship of a tactile versus visual synesthesia, touching colors, listening textures, tasting shapes, perceiving colors represented by certain shapes, and vice versa. But especially, my purpose is to share this experience with everyone else and give you some colorful goosebumps,” the artist told Bored Panda.

She also created her textile brand called Jujujust which you can find in her Etsy store. She shares images of her artwork on her Instagram, where she has attracted more than 194,000 followers and has thousands of likes on each post.

If you are interested to see her work, check out the gallery below and follow her work.