Malin Schlott is Crafting Adorable Nail Art Inspired By Our Favorite Disney Classics

Nail artists find inspiration in all sorts of different places and popular culture often motivated them to craft the most amazing manicures. Malin Schlott is one of the nail artists crafting pop-culture-themed manicures, usually inspired by our favorite Disney movies.

Schlott is a nail artist based in Sweden, with 64,000 followers on her Instagram page @malinsnagelkonst. She enjoyed art from a young age and went on to get a degree in visual communication and design from Karlstad University, before deciding to turn to nail art and complete her training in 2018.

Many of Schlott’s Disney-inspired manicures have been made in collaboration with Glam&Beauty, but it turns out that she has her own brand selling nail products. While working with a fellow nail artist Emelie Westin, the two formed an unbreakable bond, and later decided to join forces and start their own company called Nail Art Queens.

We’ve seen Schlott explore many different themes through her nail art, but Disney-inspired creations seem to be her personal favorite. From The Little Mermaid and Bambi to Frozen and The Jungle Book, she’s constantly crafting manicures that pay homage to both old and new Disney movies. If you love nail art and Disney in equal measure, head to her Instagram page, and you might find inspiration for your next manicure.