Man Offers Free Trips to Motivate People to Get Outside

Having a difficult childhood, Tristan Hamm often found solace in Mother Nature. And now, as an adult, he wants to help others by encouraging them to get outside. Especially nowadays with the pandemic affecting our everyday lives.

In 2016, Hamm started his company Revived Outdoors with the intention to motivate people to explore nature more. He offers adventure, entrepreneurship, and wellness trips, even now during lockdowns, which affected people’s mental health.

Last year he started a project where he offered safe socially-distanced excursions across the North American continent and donated all-inclusive domestic trip packages and adventure equipment totaling over $100,000 to motivate people to get out of their houses.

“Everyone is dealing with something internally. That’s why I do this for people,” he told Metro UK. “In my personal opinion and experience, getting some fresh air and appreciating what Mother Nature gave us is the best cure for any struggle.”

He has also pointed out that these trips are risk-free: “There is a safe way to still go about traveling during this time. There are many places and methods you can take that don’t require you to be in close contact with at-risk individuals while traveling domestically.”

You can follow Hamm’s work on his Instagram account.