Marissa Oosterlee Paints Portraits of Women That Look Like Photos

Looking at the portraits made by Marissa Oosterlee, an award-winning artist from the Netherlands, you could easily assume she is a photographer. Her works are full of details, and the subjects, mostly women, look like they are captured in a specific moment in time with a camera.

However, the truth is that Oosterlee doesn’t use a camera at all. Instead, she creates all her portraits with brushes, pencils, and an airbrush.

Oosterlee took hyperrealism art to a whole new level. She is capable of recreating every little detail and imperfection onto canvas to an astonishing level that leaves the viewers in awe. 

According to Oosterlee herself, the portraits she makes are “influenced by sea and nature,” and she is looking to “create awareness of all beauty around us” and show “how important it is to be good to our planet.”

For her works, Marissa Oosterlee has received multiple awards including the national Dutch painting competition. Check out more of them below.