Jeremy Mayer Makes Amazing Typewriter Sculptures

We have already seen art being made into typewriters, but let’s now go one step further and show you what happens when typewriters themselves become art. For that, we’ll turn to the works of Jeremy Mayer.

Mayer is a San Francisco-based multimedia artist who is turning typewriters into intricate sculptures for the past decades. His process includes disassembling the typewriters to their smallest components and then reassembling them into astonishing art pieces.

Mayer’s project, which has seen him do more than 100 sculptures so far, is dedicated to giving a new life to this old piece of technology that has become almost obsolete. The artist saves the typewriters from finishing on a junkyard or collecting dust in someone’s basement and gives them a new purpose.

“I pretty much use all the parts from the typewriter,” says Mayer. “I don’t use power tools. I just use regular screwdrivers, some pliers and very carefully take it apart. I don’t break anything. I don’t break it apart. I back all the screws out, and I try not to wreck the screws. I want everything to look good in my sculpture, so I don’t destroy anything.”

Check out more of his works below.