Maxime Senior is Sharing Incredible Travel Stories From Her Road Trip Across Mexico

After years of hopping from place to place and visiting over 40 countries, Maxime Senior decided to put down her roots in Mexico. This travel blogger is currently bouncing around Mexico, and her colorful social media posts will make you want to pack your bags and visit this country.

Senior is followed by 20,000 people on Instagram and 30,000 more on TikTok, and her life was very different before she decided to give travel blogging a shot. She used to do a 9-5 corporate job in New York but decided to leave it after ten years and become a digital nomad and start her blog Explore Addict.

Senior embraced the “slow travel” approach to her trips because it allowed her to connect with new countries and cultures more deeply. She enjoys sticking around in one country for a few weeks, but she decided to take things to a new level once she arrived in Mexico and embarked on a two-year road trip across this country.

“I’ve traveled to over 40 countries but have (accidentally) spent the last year and a half exploring Mexico. I came here for a one-month trip but then completely fell in love with everything about this incredible country and haven’t been able to get myself to leave,” she explains on her travel blog.