Meet Tito the Raccoon and His Equally Adorable Family

Raccoons may not be the most obvious choice for a pet, but one young couple decided to adopt a few and never looked back. Their pet Tito the Racoon became a huge Instagram sensation and it turns out the rest of his furry family is equally adorable and super-talented.

Mitchell and Sarah Thyme adopted Tito in 2017, and Cheeto and Piper later joined him. Tito sadly passed away in 2020, but his spirit lives on through his raccoon family. The Thymes were never planning to become raccoon parents, but a string of happy coincidences led to them adopting Tito and the other raccoons that followed.

“I used to work in pest control, and one day, someone brought them into the office, and because they were so young they didn’t know what to do with them. We ended up taking one in to give them a chance, and we have been raccoon parents ever since,” Sarah told 7News.

Tito’s “siblings,” Cheeto and Piper, are both amazing in their own right and have a set of unique talents. They’re talented painters, especially Piper, and they create their masterpieces by running over the canvas and using their feet and claws. These three raccoons aren’t the only pets to occupy the Thyme household – Mitchell and Sarah have also rescued several cats, ferrets, and a hedgehog over the years.