Melody Hansen Will Teach You How to Learn from Your Mistakes

Melody Hansen’s Instagram page will encourage you to live a softer life. “Feelings are temporary,” reads one post, while another states that “time hasn’t revealed everything yet.” Originally from Lausanne, Switzerland and currently based in Los Angeles, California, Hansen’s work includes illustration, graphic design, writing, creative direction, and lettering.

But sometimes, it all boils down to a punchable quote. “I’ve always loved typography and always sensed I was good at it, so the handwriting came a bit afterward when I started posting handwritten text on Instagram,” she shared in an interview with Freelance Wisdom.

She now has more than 80k fans on Instagram, embracing her soothing aesthetic. Of course, it took some time and a lot of work to reach that point. “When I was 12, my dad brought home the first version of Photoshop from his work and I started playing around with it,” she relayed. “I didn’t really know what graphic design was at the time, but I liked playing around with photos of celebrities and myself and I’d overlay them with text.”

After high school was over, she got into OCADU for Graphic Design in Toronto. But after a year or so, she dropped out. “I started making music at the time, and I started feeling claustrophobic with everything going on,” she said. “So I let myself take my time. People began asking me for designs, and from there, developed my brand.”

Her brand proved to be a success, and with more and more fans following her progress – the sky is truly the limit for Hansen.

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