Artist Uses Old Tires to Create Moai-Inspired Sculptures

You don’t need to hold a brush and a paper to consider yourself an artist. Are you creating something remarkable, that has never been seen before? Well, you are an artist, then.

You might have heard about Blake McFarland, a guy who uses junk to create his artwork. He introduces himself as a mixed materials artist, ocean enthusiast and retired ballplayer whose main goal is to create unusual art while helping our planet. In his newest project, McFarland carved scrap wood and sculpted old tires into a mini-Moai statue.

“Inspiration for this sculpture derived from the Moai statues located on Easter Island,” the artist shared on his YouTube channel. “This is the first time I have used wood as the inner-structure of a tire sculpture. I liked doing it this way because I was easily able to stable gun the tires directly to the wood.”

The mini-Moai sculpture is currently being showcased in art galleries and is listed for sale. Scroll down and check out the video below.