Mexican-Japanese Artist Illustrates Animals Behaving Like Humans in Kawaii Style

Meronpan is an Instagram account created by a Mexican-Japanese artist, which showcases illustrations of adorable animals. The artist has been working on his project since 2019 when Meronpan first posted an image done in a Japanese style called kawaii. A Shiba Inu working in a ramen shop, capybaras relaxing in a hot tube, a bunny listening to music on his phone, and many other creatures reimagined as humans.

The gifted artist said on their website that after a decade of drawing realism with graphite pencils, she decided to try something new and colorful, and that’s how Meronpan was born.

“I follow the same steps to create every illustration. I begin by tracing them with graphite pencils to then ink them. Later on, I color them with watercolors and water-based markers, among other materials,” she wrote and added that at certain times she finishes the work digitally to make everything perfect.

Although the artist doesn’t have a huge following, we are sure that their work will be recognized. If you are into Japanese culture, check out the images below. Have you ever traveled to Japan?