Dancakes’ Pancake Art is Almost Too Good to Eat

Who doesn’t love pancakes? This breakfast staple is delicious when topped with fresh fruit, whipped cream, and chocolate. But Dan of Dancakes’ pancakes are more art that they are food. His work has gone viral on TikTok and Instagram, especially his Harry Styles pancake.

Dan started off as a fry cook at a diner in his hometown of St. Louis and he began with smiley faces that he would draw on the pancakes to try and earn tips. After working at the diner for five years, customers started taking photos of his works which made them go viral. He decided to use his fame to start a company with his friend Hank where they did birthday parties and special events.

His pancakes make use of his art and food skills and they mostly feature celebrities, holidays, cartoons, that look like they’ve been painted. So far, he’s created characters from Frozen, Finding Nemo, and Pokemon as well as celebrities including Alex Trebek, Harry Styles, Joe Exotic, and Billie Eilish.

Dan lives by the motto, “mistakes are delicious”, as his art takes a lot of trail and error. “It’s a difficult medium to be perfect in, so just to wiggle our way out of any problems we get in, we just say, ‘Put some syrup on it, it’s delicious’,” Dan told The Morning Show.