Lisa Saputra Creates Adorable Children’s Book Illustrations

We all remember those nights when our grandma had read our favorite books before bedtime, right? And could we all agree that children’s books are super cute? Especially, if they are adorably illustrated. That is why you need to check out Lisa Saputra’s work.

She is a talented artist who creates beautiful illustrations for kids’ books, but also likes doing amigurumi for her projects, too. The Indonesian artist revealed in an interview for Ballpitmag that her main goal is to spread positive vibes to children and parents.

“I do love the Japanese’s perspective of ‘wabi-sabi’ that appreciates imperfections. That’s why I love children’s books that show us the informalities, humbleness, innocence in their strokes,” she said and added that she works mostly digitally, but she tries using traditional methods as well.

You can see some of her creations on her Instagram account, where she has attracted more than 24,000 followers.

Scroll down, and check them out. Do you have a favorite?