Millie Amber is Creating the Most Show-Stopping Beaded Embroidery You’ll Ever Come Across

The list of artists who found internet fame thanks to embroidery is pretty much endless and it’s not easy to make your mark on this oversaturated market. That didn’t stop Millie Amber from trying and her beaded embroidery is as stunning and whimsical as it gets.

Amber is an illustrator and textile artist based in London and her one-of-a-kind embroidery creations attracted 50,000 followers to her Instagram page so far. Her art is mostly inspired by nature, folk art, and mythology, revolving around poetic narratives and romantic symbolism.

“Her work is decorative, intricate and full of color, often focusing on the celebration of femininity and fantasy. She loves all things esoteric and ethereal, drawing inspiration from many places, but with a particular interest in nature, folk art and mythology,” explains Amber on her official website.

In addition to exploring the subjects that we don’t often get to see in other artists’ embroidery, Amber won us over with the unique techniques and materials she uses to bring her art to life. Instead of simply relying on needles and thread, she enjoys adding beads to the mix. They make her art even more dazzling and beautiful and give it a magical, dreamy quality.