Amazing Pasta Shapes and Designs By Pasta Designer David Rivillo

David Rivillo is a professional chef, but he prefers to be referred to as a pasta designer. This is because he creates some of the most amazing and unique pasta shapes and designs out there.

Rivillo’s love for pasta making started during his culinary studies. He bought a pasta maker for a class and soon discovered that it is a lot more satisfying to make your own pasta than to buy it in the supermarket.

At first, Rivillo was content with making typical pasta shapes, but the creativity in him soon wanted to do more. He started experimenting with various shapes and colors, creating unique designs and patterns. This soon became his main focus and eventually made him famous in the culinary world.

When asked about the inspiration for his unique pasta creations, Rivillo said that he gets inspired by the world that surrounds him.

“My inspiration comes from everywhere: nature, any artwork, architecture, textile, and fashion designs,” Rivillo explained in a chat with Bored Panda. “I’m constantly thinking about making any design that looks interesting into pasta.”

Rivillo often shares his latest creations on social media, including Instagram and TikTok. He also does custom orders, offering his followers a chance to buy personalized pasta. Check out more of his creations below.