Miniature Dollhouse Artist Gives a Dead Fly a Proper Farewell

Yulia Aristova-Kovalevskaya is a talented craftswoman who makes miniature dollhouses with miniature bathtubs, windows, fountains, animals, and so on. Better known as Mimimimzy on social media: Instagram and TikTok, the miniature artist became viral “thanks” to the funeral she gave a dead fly.

In her video, you can see how she creates the tiny coffin and puts the fly into it. Then she digs up a grave and lays the coffin down. She makes a tombstone and puts fresh flowers on the grave. The shocking moment was when she dug up the coffin and built a pyre for cremation. She then collected the ashes and then spread them into the ocean. Finally, she made a little altar with flowers, pictures of flies, and candles. She also made a miniature poop offering. Hilarious, right?

The Ukrainian artist also had another project involving dead insects, which she collects on the windowsill and the street. However, this time it was a happier occasion. It was a beautiful wedding ceremony where flies, butterflies, and other bugs were guests. She made a video of the whole process. You should check it out down below.

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Прощай, муха! Ты была хорошим насекомым! Лети с миром! ✨🙏🥲🤍💫

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Поддадим огоньку 🔥 Прощание с мухой ✨🌸 Спасибо всем большое за комментарии🙏💜 – я смеюсь и плачу от них уже несколько дней 😭🤣🥰

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В радости и в горе, пока смерть не разлучит вас! 👰‍♀️💍🪰💐✨

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Закулисье мушиной свадьбы ☺️🪰💐💍✨ Behind the scenes of a fly wedding ##артинтрига

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