Neil Keating’s Mural Art Has a Comic Edge to it

Neil Keating’s artistic style can be defined as a mix of comic art and urban art. At the same time, the Liverpool-based artist has spent so much time honing his craft that all of his influences have blended together in a way that exudes definition. We can discuss how when looking at his art, it feels like one is reading a giant comic book, but it’s so much more than just that.

Keating graduated from the Liverpool School of Art in 2004, where he got his degree in Graphic Design and Illustration. He’s been active in the art scene in his hometown since then, and is known for his illustrations, murals, posters, logos, and 2D animations.

“During the early part of his career he worked as a Graphic Designer in the Liverpool music scene alongside freelancing as an illustrator,” his website reads.

You can see some of his art that we picked out for you below. If you’re interested in seeing more, head to his Instagram page where he shares regular updates with followers as well as interesting Instagram Stories that tell more about his work.