Eduardo Kobra’s Artwork Shows the Importance of Reading

Eduardo Kobra is a mural artist who has painted over 3,000 murals around the world so far. He’s famous for using complex patterns of colors, and he uses his artistic talent to raise awareness about many different issues.

Indeed, the more you stare at his artwork, the more it becomes quite apparent that his vision is so much more than just vivid colors and skillful illustration.

His latest artwork is a mural he painted in Sorocaba, Brazil, and it conveys one important message—the importance of reading. Reading is an important tool we have that boosts our creativity and curiosity and it can have an amazing impact on our lives.

When you first learn how to read, you discover a whole new world of books and knowledge, and expanding that database over the years is crucial for developing as a person. Kobra’s mural shows a boy who climbs the stairs to reach a book, and it symbolizes the effort we make to gain knowledge and the required steps we take on the way to achieve our goals and dreams.

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